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Technology of growing trees photo.jpg

The technology behind growing trees

The wood products industry has implemented technological advances into each step of the process, from growing seedlings to monitoring tree health, and from milling to creating finished boards.

Francisco Lopez.jpg

International business man sells Oregon pickups in Guatemala

Francisco Lopez, who buys Toyota pickup trucks in Oregon, always stops by Love’s Travel Stop in Green before driving the line of connected vehicles south through the mountains and deserts of Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico to sell them in his home town of Retalhuleu, Guatemala.

Steelhead genes.jpg

Scientists study steelhead genes in North Umpqua River

Wading into the cold North Umpqua River on a dark October night, scientists donning headlamps scooped up juvenile steelhead in dripping nets, clipped a tiny sample of their fin tissue and released them back into the flowing water.


Oregon silverspot butterflies breed in captivity for the first time

Soon, 269 more Oregon silverspot butterflies will be flying among the early blue violets along the coast, thanks to the Oregon Zoo’s butterfly conservation lab.

Coos Bay-01.jpg

A beautiful day in Coos Bay

The rocks jut out of the frothy brew of salt water like shipwrecks made of sandstone, their tan, brown and orange layers casting shadows in the afternoon light. The view from Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay is almost shocking in its natural drama, as waves forcefully hit the rocks in white sprays, and it's hard to believe the ocean ever ends past the light blue horizon.


Caregivers to see increased wages, advanced training opportunities

Riding bareback through the wind, Nancy Uwekoolani struggled to hang on as her horse gained speed. But as the horse ran along a trail toward its barn, the 20-year-old went flying and landed badly on her back down a five-foot deep bank.

columbia river.jpg

Researchers hope fish trap will be safer for wild fish

Fish traps have been outlawed in the Pacific Northwest for decades, but researchers plan to test an experimental trap in the Columbia River in hopes that it will be safer for wild fish than traditional fishing methods.


Drying Times: Rivers in Crisis

Chinook salmon making their way up the Willamette River can usually count on a cooling flow of freshly melted snow each year when they reach the Santiam. But with this year creating far less snowpack and a lot more hot, dry days, rivers are running warmer and lower.

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